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Stone masonry for new buildings a modern architecture building in low light at night.


Experts in stone masonry, restoration and stone cleaning. Arrange a free stone assessment today.


 At Corinthian Stone we have a passion to restore stonework,create and supply new architectural pieces and sympathetically clean stone using modern technology. Our team of experts is based in Bath, England and we offer service here and in the neighbouring areas.

Stone Carver at Work Stonemasonry project in Bath, England. Carving out Bath stone

Stonemasonry should not be a daunting nor an expensive experience. We are here to make things simple and clear for you.

Stone carver at work for a stone restoration project representative of Corinthian Stone


All our stone supplied is worked by hand by our highly skilled team of masons to the highest possible standard.


We always use traditional masonry techniques that have been handed down from generations when it comes to replacing architectural stone work.

Builder on construction site climbing up a scaffold used for a stone restoration project
Architect at work designing a new build stone project in Bath and Wiltshire.


Corinthian Stone are pleased to offer a complete stone cleaning services. Using modern advancements and technology we are able to sympathetically clean your stonework. 


Explore the gallery and see highlights of our work. Get in contact with us to see our full portfolio. 

Classical Columns of Corinthian Stone

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